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Certified Home Inspector

Robert J. Hanks

Certified Home Inspector in Prescott, Arizona

Robert J. Hanks is the owner and certified inspector of Prescott Home Inspection, LLC. As a longtime construction contractor, Robert possesses an adept knowledge of residential structures that has served as an asset to his career as a home inspector. Entering every home with both an intuitive and trained understanding of potential issues, Robert is able to offer accurate assessments of structural integrity, mechanical efficiency, and material quality. Prescott Home Inspection is an invaluable source of knowledge for homebuyers and sellers alike.

The Structure of a Home Is Second Nature

For over 30 years, Robert has worked as a residential building contractor. In that time, he has played a key role in a variety of projects that include basic remodels and the execution of intricate housing plans. Robert has built numerous homes from the ground up, doing everything from the initial concrete pour for the foundation to installing the chimney cap—and the full spectrum in between. Robert’s extensive knowledge of residential structures is directly proportional to the time he’s spent working on them. A home inspector with this much experience in the industry is a safe bet for any current or aspiring homeowner.

An Intimate Understanding of the Process

Outside of building homes, Robert also has substantial experience with buying and selling them. He has personally purchased and sold over a dozen residential properties. This is of great benefit to clients of Prescott Home Inspection—because Robert fully understands the escrow and inspection process. When your home inspector is able to see from all sides, then your experience will be all the better for it.

When he takes time away from inspecting homes, Robert enjoys a relaxing day with his family. His hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, rock hounding, and woodworking.

Prescott Home Inspection, LLC strives to provide an informative home inspection that clients can depend on.

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