Ordering a home inspection is generally considered a buyer’s task rather than something that a homeowner would request. After all, the buyer wants to know about the condition of the home before making a purchase, and you may be eager to hand over the keys to the property in its current condition. However, with a closer look at what you can expect from a pre-listing home inspection, you may decide that it’s best to get one before placing your home on the market.

Understanding What a Pre-Listing Home Inspection Is

A home inspection can be ordered at any time. For example, a homeowner may order an inspection annually so that he or she can receive professional information about the condition of the home. An inspection report may be used to generate a maintenance to-do list for the homeowner to tackle in the months ahead.

Likewise, a pre-listing home inspection may be useful to sellers who are eager to sell their property quickly and with minimal hassle. These are a few specific ways that a home inspection may help sellers achieve their goals.

1. The Creation of a To-Do List

Sellers often take steps to improve their home’s condition and appeal before placing it on the market. However, the items that you focus on may not necessarily be the most urgent or critical items. A pre-listing home inspection gives you the opportunity to learn more about all action items that require attention upfront, helping you focus your time and attention in the most effective way possible.

2. Fewer Sales Delays

If you provide a copy of your home inspection to a buyer, he or she may appreciate this effort, but they will probably still order their own home inspection. However, having two inspection reports that are consistent with one another may reduce the delays that can come up when the buyer’s inspection report is delivered and surprise issues are revealed. Keep in mind that some buyers ask sellers to make repairs before closing, so the more issues you fix, the fewer hassles you’ll have with delays related to pre-closing repair work.

3. Reduce Stressful Negotiations

In a typical residential sales transaction, the buyer is given a contingency period to order and review an appraisal and a property inspection. Within this period of time, the buyer can choose to walk away from the transaction or to negotiate based on findings in these reports. For both buyers and sellers, this period can be stressful and intense. When the property’s condition is known upfront through a pre-listing home inspection, this aspect of a regular sales transaction is made easier.

4. A Fast, Competitive Offer

One of the factors that buyers consider when they select a home and determine their best offer is the property’s condition. When the condition is a concern, a buyer may make a lower offer or may choose another property altogether. On the other hand, a seller can provide full disclosure by sharing a property inspection report to interested buyers. A clean report can be a helpful sales feature that encourages a fast, competitive offer.

Ordering a pre-listing home inspection is a significant step that homeowners should take before listing their property for sale. While some homeowners will be pleased to discover that their property is already in great condition, others will discover that numerous repair and maintenance issues should be addressed before listing the home. It is best to understand your property’s condition before you offer it for sale so that you can be proactive as needed.

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