During the months of December through February, most of us see an increase in our utility bills from heating our homes. It is an inconvenient time to have higher bills, with the additional expenses that the holidays bring. Luckily, there are things you can do to save money heating your home.

1. Use the Power of the Sun to Save Money Heating Your Home

In Arizona, we are lucky to have sunny days in winter. The sun shining through your windows can help save money heating your home. Open up your blinds and drapes during the day to let sunlight assist your heating system in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

2. Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

You should keep your ceiling fans running in the winter, but flip the switch to make them rotate clockwise. The clockwise motion directs the warm air that has risen to the top of the room downwards, keeping everyone inside toasty while you save money heating your home.

3. Don’t Cover Up the Vents

A mistake many people make is placing furniture over the duct vents in their homes. When the vents are blocked, the warm air cannot circulate around the room and the thermostat tells the furnace and heat pump to work harder to maintain the temperature. By clearing everything away from the vents, you will save money heating your home.

4. HVAC Maintenance

By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you will save money heating your home. When you have your HVAC serviced by a professional semi-annually and change the filters regularly, your system will run more efficiently. An efficient HVAC system doesn’t use as much energy, in turn making your heating bills lower.

5. Proper Insulation

When your home has enough insulation, the heat stays indoors. When heat isn’t escaping through the roof or other areas that lack insulation, the set temperature will last longer without the heat pump having to kick back on. Have a home inspector perform thermal imaging to discover areas of inadequate insulation in your home.

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