Thanksgiving brings your family and friends together for feasting, gratitude, and companionship. You don’t want an accident to put a damper on the fun. Use these Thanksgiving safety tips to make your gathering as safe as possible.

Follow These Thanksgiving Safety Tips

1. Don’t Post Travel Plans Online

Sharing your daily fun online may be second nature to you. But, if you plan on traveling for Thanksgiving, don’t post your plans online. You don’t want to advertise that your home will be unattended.

2. Stay In the Kitchen When Cooking

Most kitchen fires occur when you’re cooking on the stove top. It is easy for small children to reach up and pull a hot pot off the stove which could severely injure them.

Stay inside the kitchen while cooking and keep hot dishes and pans out of reach. Supervision can prevent an accidental fire or burn.

3. Test Your Detectors

Before your house fills up with guests, make sure you are prepared. Take a few minutes to test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home so you’ll be alerted and can get your guests safely out of the house if there’s an emergency.

If you don’t have detectors, it is a perfect time to install them. Be sure to test and change out the batteries if you’ve not done so this year.

4. Deep Fry the Turkey Outside

A deep-fried turkey is a tasty treat. However, deep frying the turkey can be dangerous. It should only be done outside, away from the house or other structures. Follow the deep fryer instructions carefully and have a fire extinguisher on hand. Taking precautions can prevent someone from getting burned in the process.

5. After Eating, Refrigerate Leftovers Promptly

Bacteria can start growing on cooked foods within an hour or two after cooking. It is important to refrigerate leftovers promptly once everyone has finished eating and the food has cooled off.  If you don’t, someone could get food poisoning from eating the leftovers.

6. Shut Down the Kitchen Properly

After a day of eating a ton of food and visiting with loved ones, it is very easy to fall into bed and go to sleep. But if the oven is left on or a burner stays hot, there is a chance of a fire starting. Take the time to make sure that all heat sources are turned off, food is refrigerated, and sharp items are put away before you go to bed.

These Thanksgiving safety tips will help your holiday gathering be a success. When planning for Thanksgiving, remember to be safe!

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